Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hard Hitting Journalism

Is not what we have today, reader. First up: Latisse, the first federally approved prescription drug for growing longer, lusher eyelashes. Not a joke. This is so utterly redonk I don't even know what to say about it.

Golden Globes dresses are important to view and discuss, despite the fact that I did not see the show and have no idea who won.

Drew Barrymore, you looked like a nuthatch but you know what? It kinda worked for me.

Polar opposite is Renee Zellweger who looked like a nuthatch and it did not work for me. AT ALL. The weird chopped up dress, the odd undergarment and that hair wasn't sex kitten bedhead like Drew, it just looked insane.

Though I don't capital L love Kyra Sedgwicks' frock she rocks that damn thing. Also, she is awesome on The Closer.

Blegh to the non-color frumpiness of Kristin Scott Thomas.

Though she's always purty no matter what she's wearing, Kate's dress did not do it for me.

With Oprah, let's all bless Kate's real breasts and the real breasts of women everywhere. WOO!

Excellent article about Obama's eleventh hour invitation of the Right Reverend Gene Robinson to deliver the invocation at an inaugural event on Sunday. Well said.

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