Monday, January 05, 2009

First Monday of 2009!

Reader, there's been lots moving and shaking here at Professional Critic but trust me when I tell you it'd make for boring reading. But I take your work procrastination very seriously and would never leave you hanging. Check out current interweb offerings:

1. Hilarious SNL digital short featuring my new boyfriend Paul Rudd. Thanks, Liz!

2. Teh awesomeness of Adele. I've been listening to her album 19 nonstop.

3. Bill Richardson, say it isn't so!

4. Yeah, what Frank Rich said about the last of the Bush days.

5. Laura Linney, no! It's so hard when otherwise wonderful actors have a fashion catastrophe. The top of this dress is really not bad, but the bottom, sweet mother of the bride.

6. He's good enough, he's smart enough and now Al Franken is a Minnesota Senator.

7. Until seeing this I had never heard of a dugong let alone understood how very cute they were. This one is named Pig and he wants to smooch you with tongue.

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