Thursday, November 20, 2008

NaBloPoMo, Day 20: Mad Men

Reader, I'm five episodes into the first season of Mad Men and so far am totally sucked in. A few observations so far.

The costumes are just fantastic. This and the set design alone makes it worth watching.

Jon Hamm playing Don Draper: so far we're just getting hints of the mystery behind the man. There's a lot lurking beneath his suave Bryan Ferry-esque exterior--just not sure yet what it is, but it involves a name change and paying his long-lost brother $5 grand to go away. Want more Don Draper.

The women's figures! Torpedo boobs and vavoomy hips abound. Such a welcome relief from the current crop of sinewy Madonna-Gwyneth-Jennifers, which are so hard on the eyes. Especially love Christina Hendricks playing Joan Holloway, who steals every scene she's in:

Continuous drinking and smoking: at work, at home, when pregnant, in the doctor's office--you name it, they're smoking.

And finally--holy cow rampant sexism. If I haven't been sufficiently grateful for the feminists who came before me let me get on record right now: THANKS, LADIES! Because of your work I never had to keep a stash of needle and thread in case my boss lost a button, lie to his wife when he was out banging another girl, or stand quietly while being ogled by the office troglodyte. Ugh.

Here's a clip some intrepid person put together of the "most un-pc moments" on Mad Men. You'll see not just sexism but anti-Semitism, fantastic fathering, the whole nine. Check it out:


JB said...

Dave and I have been watching MM too! It's addictive. We tend to watch an entire season in a couple of days, then spend months jonesing for the NEXT season to come out on DVD...

Professional Critic said...

I know! I've just finished the third disc of the first season and though I tell myself I'll just watch one episode a day ... that never happens. Total junkie.