Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NaBloPoMo, Day 19: Media Catch Up

Reader, weep. I sat in meetings all day today and expect to do very much the same for the next two days. My hiney hurts.

So! Let me catch you up on the various forms of media I've been soaking in the past week. Because I know you care, deeply.

Sex and The City: The Movie: Clocking in at two hours and twenty eight minutes, SATC: TM is about two hours too long. Missing the zippy zing of the half hour episodes, the movie uses forced hilarity and an excess of costume changes in an effort to distract you from the painful fact that this is a fucking boring movie. In a nutshell: Big is still a big dick, and even though he acts like an even bigger dick than you thought possible, Carrie manages to neatly take the blame for his dicky behavior and marries him anyway. Hated it!

Baby Mama: Though I do love me some Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Baby Mama was only mildly entertaining. Probably fine for a sick day on the couch or an airplane. Get your Tina fix by renting the first two seasons of 30 Rock. Meh

Gentlemen and Players by Joanne Harris: I started reading this book by the author of Chocolat at my sister's last month. Due to my penchant for skimming I promptly became confused, as it jumps back and forth between real time and the past. Professional Critic simply cannot be bothered to read the helpful chapter headings that would clue her in to such nuances. However, my sister urged me to press on and so I started over, actually reading this time, and became quickly immersed in this novel of intrigue set in an private English boy's school. Many twists and turns, would be perfect for a rainy day. A page turner.

The Pacific and Other Stories by Mark Helprin: This short story collection covers wide-ranging topics: baseball, war, September 11th. I didn't read more than five of these because I had the same reaction to every one: great fits of sobbing. What can I say? Even his happy stories, where the guy gets the girl, are suffused with deep melancholy. Fine if you don't mind weeping.

Heat by Bill Buford: This book I found at my local library, where you can always find a stack of non-library books left on top of the book drop. Like I need another reason to love the library. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of a writer deciding to go full-tilt boogie into the world of cooking. Best part? When Buford apprentices with a Tuscan butcher. Not as zexy as Anthony Bourdain but still--Good stuff .

Next up: Mad Men!

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