Thursday, October 16, 2008

Urban Victories + The Debate

Not that I was ever in any serious danger of voting for John McCain but after last night's debate I can firmly say: a cold day in hell. Next to Obama's cool, composed presentation, McCain appeared an angry old (is it very wrong to say cadaverous?) codger. Maybe his advisers told him to come out swinging but his tone was just off-putting.

I think I'll never forgive him for his ultra-contemptuous use of air quotes around the word "health," referring to abortions done to protect the mother, which he opposes. Made much hay of Palin's commitment to special needs children (and seeming to collapse autism with Down's syndrome), then when Obama pointed out that health research needs funding, promptly mocked him as a wild spendthrift. Guess his advisers forgot to tell him to try and make some damn sense. But mostly he hastened his own demise with the hideous perma-smirk, quickly undoing any of his own efforts to distance himself from the current President.

Enough about that. After driving home after the wretched debate, I rocked the most awesome parallel parking job EVAH! Backing in I thought I had all kinds of room but turns out I only had a few inches on either side. We'll see how getting out is tomorrow.

The big celeb news: Madonna and Guy are splitsville. I've let this simmer for a few minutes and have been unable to summon any reaction to this whatsoever. Just the sound of crickets chirping.

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