Friday, October 17, 2008


WI reader lynchb kindly tipped me off that it's not just the folks at SNL that are mining the motherlode that is Sarah Palin. The adult film industry has also jumped on the bandwagon and made a movie called Nailin Paylin. These pics are not super SFW so be warned. I'm sure she's delighted but since I hate her I don't care what she thinks. Anyway, as the McCain campaign goes down in flames she's increasingly irrelevant.

Yesterday's news about the Madonna-Guy split left me unmoved but today's news about David Duchovny and Tea Leoni did make me a little sad. I like Tea Leoni a whole lot and I sort of hoped they would work it out. Perhaps he did something really unforgivable, I don't know what, cheated on Tea and gave her the herp? But Tea, running into the arms of Billy Bob Thornton? Who's always seemed somewhat icky? Oh well, another Hollywood marriage bites the dust.

Last Sunday the NY Times Magazine devoted an issue to food politics. Check out Michael Pollan's excellent letter to our next President advising him on food policy. It's a goodie.

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