Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Reader, I'm back from my whirlwind trip east. It was great to see family and friends, some of whom I haven't seen for years (thanks, Facebook!), enjoy some blazing fall colors and crisp weather and of course eat. One night we went out for Italian: home made ravioli, a delicious prosciutto arugula pizza and a side dish of broccoli rabe. Got my fill of bagels and pizza, two things the Bay area just cannot figure out.

It's gotten cooler here, too, making me want to eat root veggies, drink hot chocolate and snuggle down in a sweater. Tonight I was craving something hearty and warm, so I defrosted some black beans I cooked over the summer and a chicken brothsicle. Put some rice on to cook. Sauteed onion, garlic, carrot, cubed sweet potato then when almost tender added the beans and broth. When all was tender, pureed about half the soup using an immersion blender, put it back in the pot, dumped the rice in, added salt and pepper. Spooned into a bowl with a dollop of plan yogurt. Delicious, hearty and cheap, good for the soul and the economy.

I'm just watched a newish show called Fringe. It's got Lance Reddick who played Captain Daniels from The Wire and Blair Brown from The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd. I'm sort of lost already but from what I can tell it has an X Files feel to it with more of a team than a duo investigating the paranormal activities and uh something about the government and some business called Massive Dynamic and uh? I tuned out and missed like half the show, whoopsie.


Anonymous said...

greetings pc, did you know there is a tj maxx opening up in sf on sunday, 11/2? welcome back.

Professional Critic said...

yes! i'm trying to keep my expectations modest. but it's so hard! other sub-par tjs have opened in the bay area and i just don't know if i can stand another disappointment ...