Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gah! But. Cuteness Tuesday!

Check out the article in The New Republic, in which Sarah Palin makes a case against herself. Super. Couldn't agree more, and yet--here we are.

Also super is a new study by researchers at the Annals of Emergency Medicine that found 78% of English speaking ER patients lacked significant understanding of their discharge plans, such as their diagnosis, treatment, instructions for self-care at home and warnings signs that a follow-up visit is needed. The article explains that in the past, patients that did not follow discharge plans (and often had a health complication) were labeled "non-compliant" but researchers found considerable lapses of communication from the providers' end, as well as not taking into account vision or hearing problems in the elderly or simply the chaos of the ER for hours at a time.

Though the study size was small, 140 patients, this is very alarming. With ER costs so sky high it's frightening to think that only a quarter of people seen in the ER actually understand what to do once they go home--or even understand what was wrong with them. Gah.

Let me leave you with this reader. For the love of the bunnehs!! This was from Cute Overload, so if you're ever feeling downtrodden, this is the place to lift your spirits and make your cheeks ache.

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