Monday, September 15, 2008

Don't Try This at Home

Ah, Sunday night, when you try to cram a whole weekend's worth of chores into one hour so you have food and clean underwear for the week. As if this wasn't sufficiently challenging, I threw a subtitled movie into the mix because I really want to return it so I can get the next disc of Dexter, second season.

The movie I'm not watching is Cocalero, a documentary about the 2005 Bolivian election in which an indigenous leader of the coca leaf growers wins the presidency. Unfortunately neither laundry, cooking, nor blogging lends itself well to an accompanying subtitled movie and my Spanish allows me to catch one word every two or three minutes. Twenty three minutes into the film my gaps in understanding are so considerable that I've given up, and switched to America's Next Top Model, a show for which multitasking was invented. I feel a certain amount of dismay that I've abandoned expanding my horizons for a show that praises young anorexic girls for achieving the highly coveted "broken doll pose" but such is life, no?

In other news, there were two deaths today that sort of suck: Peter Camejo, Green Party politician and former running mate of Ralph Nader and novelist David Foster Wallace .

Finally, if you're a breastfeeding mom, or support breastfeeding moms, you might want to mosey over to Her Bad Mother. During a recent flight on WestJet, a flight attendant offered Catherine a blanket to "cover up" as she breastfed so she would "feel more comfortable," and wasn't too keen to take no for an answer. I don't know about you, but the moms I know are prepared as hell and if they want to use a blanket while breastfeeding, they would already have one. Contact info for WestJet is at her site. Anyway, since when does the airline industry give a crap about passengers being comfortable for crying out loud? They want us to pay $2 for water! Sexual objectification of women strikes again!

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