Monday, September 22, 2008

David Foster Wallace, Plus Some Levity

Last week David Foster Wallace took his life at the age of 46. Though I knew who he was, I had not yet read anything by him. Harper's Magazine has posted an archive of some of his work which you can find here. I read "Shipping Out," better known as "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again," an essay chronicling his experience on a luxury cruise. If you've ever thought you probably wouldn't enjoy a cruise, after reading this you'll know for sure: you won't. But you'll laugh real hard. You can find a list of his published works here, but why not check your local library since the economy's in the crapper.

In less literary news, next time you feel irritated by your boring wardrobe, maybe you should feel grateful instead. You could be wearing this. Janet, why? Maybe to make us appreciate that we don't have to walk out of the house looking like a low-budget sci-fi movie? In which case: thank you, Janet.

Finally, check out Sarah Haskin's commentary on the absolutely ridiculous, this can't really be happening in the 21st century, marketing of cleaning products.

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