Monday, August 11, 2008

Drowning My Undies

Maybe this is normal cat behavior, you'll have to tell me. A while back I noticed that The Mama would put a plastic container in the bathroom for the kitties to drink out of, in addition to their regular water bowl, and they were super into it. Since Gus and Josephine often dropped kibble, litter dust and sparkly cat toys into their water, I figured I would try that, too, and sure enough the plastic Whole Foods take out container on the bathroom floor became the favorite watering hole.

But. What's also on my bathroom floor most of the time is dirty clothes. And for reasons I look to you to explain dear reader, one or both of the cats is compelled to snatch my dirty clothes, sometimes pulling them off the doorknob where they're hanging, over to the water bowl and drop them in. They're not casually draped over the bowl, mind you--they're fully submerged into this little pint size container, so every drop of water is absorbed. See?

Hanes Her Way from Target! Super comfy, great prints, recommend!

Reader, what is this about? I googled this phenomenon and wasn't able to find anything. You would think that this would make me more vigilant about picking up and it sort of does, for a while, until I forgot, come home to this and then I'm all oh they drowned my drawers again, damn cats.

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