Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whoopsie! Bad Mama

Last night I got home rather late after being at a training all day then meeting a friend for dinner. The cats were off the wall, so I let them run up and down the hallway like a stampede of wildebeest. When they got bored of that, Gussie barged in on my downstairs neighbors, requiring a quick extraction and apology. Then I tried to answer some work emails but they were both acting like such pests, with their howling and attempting to eat my desk chair, I couldn't complete a thought. Figuring they needed more attention, I started hurling around the fuzzy mice, which are now all missing their eyes, ears, noses and tails (I watched Josephine chew off and consume one such tail a few days ago.) After about five minutes of this, they seemed tired but still agitated and I finally saw why: no food.

And this is why women shouldn't work outside of the home. Because you forget to feed your children.


Ahliszh said...

Dear PC,
Now you know why I run around your apartment when you invite ME over for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, this "working outside the home" is to blame for your horrifying cat neglect. Poor Gus and Josie, two more victims of feminism.