Monday, June 30, 2008

Music Monday

This is how it started: I saw this weird clip of a nutty looking Boy George on Today and it triggered a mad musical YouTube journey to share with you, dear reader.

In no order at all, here are some songs I like a lot.

1. So Real by Jeff Buckley. Do you know the late Jeff Buckley? A former roommate of mine introduced me to his dreamy, swoony songs album Grace and just at the height of our crush, he died by drowning at age 30. Suck.

I love love love this album--the best known track is probably his haunting version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, which is gorgeous. It hurts my heart to see this referred to as "the Shrek song." Blerg.

2. This Woman's Work by Kate Bush. So it's not the most riveting video--it was 1989 fer crying out loud. Doesn't Kate just have the most amazing voice? Originally in the soundtrack for She's Having a Baby, which I never saw but features a baby-faced Kevin Bacon. Huh, a John Hughes movie that came out in 1988? I'm unclear why I never saw this.

3. The Weakness in Me by Joan Armatrading. Sorry kids, versions by Melissa Etheridge and Keisha White don't hold a candle and I refuse to link them. Although if you choose the Melissa version, you can see lots of dramatic lesbian shorts. Love the homegrown YouTube video.

4. Pretty much anything by Roxy Music. A million years ago when I was majorly in love with Duran Duran, I read an article in Tiger Beat or some such, where they cited Roxy Music as a major influence. Being the suburban kid that I was, I'd never heard of Roxy Music so got a tape from Tower Records. I quickly learned that Bryan Ferry owns cool, as you can see in the video for Jealous Guy. Bryan dated Jerry Hall before Mick was in the picture. And Roxy Music is how I learned of Rufus Wainwright, who opened for them several years ago. See how it all comes around? Years from now I'm not sure if I'll still be listening to Duran or Rufus but I know I'll be listening to Roxy. For old school Roxy, try Love is the Drug. For newer school Roxy try More Than This or the torchy Slave to Love.

5. 1967 from Adrian Belew. A total Renaissance man, Belew has worn many hats- guitarist for David Bowie, fronting King Crimson and an impressive solo career to boot. This guy rocks.

6. Island in the Sun by Weezer. Though Weezer falls squarely in the hipster boy realm, I defy anyone to resist their bouncy, happy tunes, perfect for driving or house cleaning. This is a pretty funny video courtesy of uber-hipster boy Spike Jonze, but whatevs. That monkey is damn cute.


Anonymous said...

ahhhh.....memories of "making love" in the dorms....roxie music.

Anonymous said...

Dear PC,
Great, great choices! They all took me back too! There is no one like Kate Bush - she has such a beautiful voice. I've never seen that video before and it's very powerful. It was awsome seeing the Roxie videos, although I never "made love" to them, I was a wholesome girl in college- still am. As for Mr. Buckley, I am with you sister! I had a big old crush on him too - that is after I met him. Yes, that is correct. When he was in town (Madison), his producer came into the restaurant (yes Lynchb, Pasta per Tutti) that I was working at and offered me a free ticket to his show at the Barrymore down the street. He ended the evening with Halleluah - which I had never heard before. It completely blew me away. After the show, his producer asked me if I wanted to meet him and I said yes. It turned out that there was a long line of people waiting for him, so when I finally got my chance, I just shook his hand and told him that was the most beautiful song I had ever heard. He was very humble and sweet. It would be great to say that I got to "make love " to him too, but as I said, I was a wholesome girl...

Professional Critic said...

OMG! You met Jeff Buckley? That is so damn cool. Even if you didn't "make love" to him while listening to Roxie Music in the dorms. Whoever said nothing interesting happened in Madison? Well, they're wrong--cheese curds AND Jeff Buckley sightings-- sheesh.

batwinger said...

Oooo I lost my virginity to Roxy Music's "In the Midnight Hour." And had some fine girl-on-girl action to "Hallelujah." And spent many a fine and drunken moment at Oberlin listening to Joan Armatrading: "So settle down (settle down), little girl (little giii-hirl). Make life what it should be." And loooved Kate Bush though what the hell was she saying most of the time?

Professional Critic said...

Yeah, Winger. Actually seeing the lyrics for This Woman's Work was a bit of a surprise--I always thought the opening line was "she can cook she can sew," when it's actually "pray god you can cope." Not even close.