Thursday, June 19, 2008

This and That

Josephine keeps smelling Gussie's ass, makes wicked bad smell face, recovers, then goes in for another whiff, repeats. Is that like the cat version of taking putrid stuff out of the fridge and not being able to stop yourself from smelling it, then trying really hard to get other people to smell it? She's an odd little cat but by gosh I love her.

I have an itchy rash all over my legs which can be attributable to either 1)poison oak that I hiked through two weeks in a row, 2) phenomenally dull razor or 3) some horrific combination of the two. Stay tuned.

Oh, this is rich. The AMA is picking on Ricki Lake for her support of home birth in her documentary The Business of Being Born. (Trailer starts if you click this link, so check your volume if you're at work). Obviously no one at the AMA watched this movie otherwise they would have known that Ricki Lake had her first kid in a hospital and during the filming of the movie, the director who was planning a home birth, was transported to the hospital on the advice of her midwife. Annoying. But not surprising.

Confession: Denise Richards It's Complicated makes me wish I had cable. Because she seems like a media-whore dimwit with crazy eyes, but I want to know. Actually, after viewing this clip she still seems like a dimwit but kind of funny, too. I love her can-do attitude when it comes to balancing the demands of family life with personal grooming.

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