Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Vagina Friday!

Reader, here's a too much information alert. My vagina has been on the verge of a bad mood for about week. Pre-yeasty conditions, not at all helped by long sweaty hikes in hot weather. Tonight, determined to turn the tide, I took the proverbial bull by the horns.

I've already talked with you about the amazing mannose solution to urinary tract woes but when your problem is more yeasty than bacterial, boric acid is the way to go. You can buy empty size 00 capsules and boric acid powder at a health food store and fill them yourself. Because boric acid can be irritating, I fill mine about half-3/4 full for an infection, and less than half for preventative. Insert one capsule at bed time for as many days as you feel you need it. Wear a pantyliner the next day. Though it's nothing like the disgusting goop that Monistat creams produce, what goes up, must come down.

And yes, boric acid is the active ingredient in Roach Prufe. It's a touch odd/disturbing that something you insert in your cooter can also be inserted in your kitchen cabinets for insect control but I need to tell you that both things work. Do not however put Roach Prufe in your vagina! It has roach pheromone in it which is just a horror movie waiting to be written.

And just so it's clear that I give equal air time (heh heh) to all genitalia, check out the banana hammock on David Beckham in his new Armani ad. Becks used to do more for me, but then I heard him talk and all I can think about is Michael Jackson, the mega sexual buzzkill of all time.


Anonymous said...

Hey PC,
You need to purchase Yeast Arrest. It is an all natural yeast product (no, not for bread)with boric acid, grape root and calendula that you can buy at Rainbow,Whole Paycheck, etc. Why bother buying the supplies and filling the capsules - too much work girl!!! They work really well!

Professional Critic said...

Yes, as with the other prepared yeasty suppositories, there is a big price difference. Yeast Arrest is about $10 for 14 suppositories, which if you're in active infection, will last about a week if you follow the instructions to use two a day. I'm about halfway through the bottle of boric acid I bought about ten years ago for $1.50 and maybe I've spent another $2 on capsules in that time. Also you know I like to DIY in these matters. However I would not hesitate to buy this in a pinch since I know it will work and not buy some grody pharmaceutical antifungal cream you stick up your wazoo.