Sunday, February 17, 2008

Favorite Things, Furbaby

Since I've been spending an awful lot of time at home, little touches that make home more, well, homey, have become ever more important. Right now I'm loving my Voluspa Sawara Cypress candle. I'm not even linking you to the Voluspa site because it's so precious and irritating. Trust me, I'm doing you a favor here, but if you want to be annoyed, check it out.

The Sawara Cypress scent is deliciously woody and incense-y, like a grove of cedars sprouting up in the middle of an old church. I bought the glass votive at a local boutique for $6.95, a bit steep for a candle but if you factor in all the delighted swooning I've done, well then that's quite a bargain, innit?

I do have another motive here, which is to cover up the stench of kitten poop that permeates every corner of my apartment. The malodorousness of kitten poo appears to be well-documented on the interwebs, but knowing I have company hasn't lifted my misery. I'm in the process of changing their food from one stupidly expensive brand to another even more expensive brand . Hopefully this will help. I guess I should also stop feeding them Twinkies, but watching their attempts to lick the plasticky cream off their noses is one pleasure I just can't forgo.

One last kitten related item: I'm not sure if it's related to age, the warmer weather, or the diet change, but shedding has kicked in something fierce. Seemingly overnight, their fur has transformed from baby-fine and fluffy to something more coarse. I brushed them both this morning, or rather I brushed Gus while Josephine ran for dear life and I had enough fur on the comb to make a third kitten.

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Batwing said...

Been thinking of you, Wets. Does a day with 2 pee accidents and 2 incidents of poop balls rolling out of the diaper and onto the floor compete?