Saturday, January 19, 2008

Professional Critic Recommends

Though I usually never buy these specific niche items, part of my grief process seems to involve shopping for things I don't need. I'm going with the flow and as a result am now the pleased owner of the Emjoi Automatic Tweezer. My 'stache can go from freshly-defuzzed to Agent Orange defiant in roughly three seconds. Usually I wax at home using those peel-off strip thingies which work pretty well but are kind of a pain. So I bought this on a whim at Walgreen's and can I just say? It works. I see the reviews are mixed but I had great success with my facial hair. I would not try to use this on the bikini line--certainly not on mine.

If I looked this good with a fuzzy upper lip I would have no need for the Emjoi.

Another thing I didn't need but am grooving on is the lavender body oil from Trader Joe's. The soothing scent and skin silkening almond oil on dry winter skin is a winning combination. It was $4.99. Get thee to a TJ's my friend.

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