Saturday, November 10, 2007

An Interlude

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post to pose the following questions:

1. Is it acceptable to complain about the reliability of a wireless network that I am vampiring off of someone in my building?

2. May I gripe about the fact that I cannot blog during work because my employer blocks this website?

3. Could I get extra credit for NaBloPoMo because of this?

4. Ought I feel sick knowing that Lance Armstrong is dating Ashley Olsen?

5. How much fuss should I make over being unable to find a good quality picture of Ashley Olsen as a Full House baby?

5. Where does dismay over oil-soaked sea birds fall in all of this?

6. Finally, what is the appropriate level of gross-out in regards to jenkem?


themama said...

Gives a whole new meaning to smoking some good shit.

Professional Critic said...

Ha! That is so, so disgusting. I almost could not engage with this story, I was so grossed out.

batwinger said...

PC, you are required to cut-and-paste the whole story for us as f***ing Salon has one of those teaser sites where you get one paragraph and then have to pay, pay, pay.

Also are you sure they didn't accidentally pick this one up from The Onion?

batwinger said...

Oh, I am sooo right. Fake fake fake. There it is, jenkem, on the urban legend site