Sunday, November 04, 2007

Steel Cut Oats

I'm always on the lookout for painless ways to lower cholesterol so I don't end up having a stroke when I'm 40. Also, I still want to occasionally be able to eat carnitas and not feel like I'm killing myself with every greasy, porky, orgasmic bite of heaven.

Oatmeal is a heart-healthy food, so for the past year I ate a lot of it--sometimes instant, but mostly rolled oats, which while not quite instant, can still be cooked in the microwave in under three minutes.

Recently I've come to love the whole grain original, steel cut oats. I buy Bob's Red Mill, but you can probably find them in the bulk section of your local grocery store for less. I'm lazy and went to my local Whole Foods, which is so brand spankin' new, the bulk section hasn't been installed yet.

I don't buy bulk, therefore I suck

Once or twice a week I make a pot just with water. Then after I put it in a serving bowl, I add a bit of milk and a dab of real maple syrup--this part is crucial to deliciousness. Dried or fresh fruit are also yummy additions, during or after cooking depending on your consistency preferences. I don't use butter and unlike this crazy recipe, don't use half and half either. Don't want to negate all the great artery-sweeping properties of steel cut oats by loading them up with butter and half and half. I want to save my fat points for carnitas. Or chorizo. Or carne asada. Mmmm, carne asada.

This chewy, nutty goodness is nothing like instant oatmeal--sort of like how American isn't cheese the way triple cream Brie is. Make a big pot! You can freeze the leftovers in serving-size pucks or keep in the fridge for 3 or so days. I'm going to eat some now.


themama said...

I just ate some steel cut oatmeal with little virgo and I have to say, I don't love it. Does this cancel my membership to the san francisco healthy mom club?

Professional Critic said...

Nah! There was a lot of behind the scenes junk eating at the SFHMC, don't you think? To increase the love, maybe add some more milk and maple syrup? That seems to be my answer, since I can't add heavy cream. Though that would probably make it taste freaking amazing.