Friday, September 21, 2007

In Your Mailbox Soon

The weather's getting cooler, holidays are just around the corner and the catalogs are pouring in. This pleases me greatly, as I love reading material of all kinds.

Pottery Barn, a staple in the catalog world, consistently provides tableaus of soft core interior design porn. Yet this most recent catalog was a bit of a departure from their usual fare, no longer predictably soothing but jarring ... disturbing. I've incuded some selections so you'll see what I mean.

Antler Objects

Antler Candleholders

Horror movie chandelier

Deer Head Object
Choose Whiskey or Espresso

Cougar Object
Choose Everyday Suede or Textured Basketweave

Wolf Object in Chunky Herringbone
Choose Walnut or Ivory

I hardly know what to expect next. The PB Weapons Line?

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