Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Buttery Meat Sandwiches

If I wasn't trying to avoid a stroke, I would make all the recipes from Pioneer Woman Cooks, especially this yummy meaty sandwich. I love reading this site since Ree unapologetically delights in the deliciously deadly trifecta of bacon, butter and brown sugar. I am a little worried about the cholesterol levels of her rancher husband, Marlboro Man, who she writes about a lot in her other blog, but I can't co the world.

But I can--no, must--share my guilty pleasures. You see the tried and true over there to the right (Go Fug Yourself is having a stellar week, btw), but a new one for me is FameCrawler, a blog devoted entirely to the reproductive live of celebrities. Highly recommended entertainment.

Finally, in addition to a housing market that can make millionaires feel like paupers, the Bay area can make another claim to fame: it ranked second in the nation in amount of time folks spend in their cars above normal driving time, a whopping 60 hours a year. We're only behind LA, at 72 hours per year. Funny, 60 hours seemed low to me; wasn't that how long I sat in traffic just today? Ever since my ass calloused over, it's so hard to tell.


Kellan Rhodes said...

"ever since my ass calloused over" - that was funny.

Mrs. G. said...

Last week, in the throes of PMS, I broke down and cooked Pioneer Woman's lasagna. Can I tell you my kids loved it and my husband has been giving me the eye, you know the kind I mean.

Professional Critic said...

There's no doubt about it, PW's recipes are the kind we would all love to have cooked for us. Brown rice and veggies just cannot stack up.