Sunday, September 30, 2007

Burrowed Into My Brain, But in a Good Way

Can you get this song out of your head? I can't. It's from the the iPod Nano commercial.

Perez has been talking about Feist for weeks but assuming I had no idea who he was talking about because I am Uncool and Out of It, I ignored him. Turns out I actually do know who Feist is, because I knew this song, too:

All this time, I thought this song was by Madeline Peyroux. Even though I am so excited that I figured out how to post YouTube clips to my blog, I'm not going to post Madeline because she sounds absolutely nothing like Feist and I'm embarrassed.

Searching around You Tube to see if there were other Feist songs I knew, I found Inside and Out. Bestill my heart--she's covered the BeeGees. Their version is better but that she would even attempt to cover without a doubt one of my favorite bands ever (yeah, I said it) just endears me to her. Plus, she's a total dork with her spastic dance moves. And she's from Canada, which makes her extra cool.

Since I've been a bit light on content lately, I do want to mention this article about the changes DNA evidence has brought to the legal system, not because I think DNA evidence is at all controversial but that eight states do not give inmates access to DNA evidence: Alabama, Alaska, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota and Wyoming. Is this not something that can be mandated federally? Is this not the equivalent of refusing to consider fingerprint evidence? Not being a legal scholar but rather a Professional Critic, I'll go ahead and say that this is crap.

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