Thursday, August 09, 2007

Birthday Wishes and Corporate Beer Cozies

My monthly ING e-statement appeared in my inbox today. The subject was "Get Your eStatement and Happy Birthday Wishes." I delightedly clicked it open hoping that like a nice grandma, ING was going to give me a generous birthday check. Instead I discovered a 15% coupon off my next purchase at the ING store. The ING store? Like where you buy insurance and mortgages? Maybe I could make a $100 deposit in my savings account for $85?

Reader, none of the above. My birthday offer covered a selection of items emblazoned with the ING logo: mousepads, coffee mugs, tote bags and lawn chairs--just what any person would thrill to buy themselves for their birthday even though ING employees probably get this crap for free on employee appreciation day and even then they could still feel bitter about because it was not the check they were hoping for which as we all know is the most meaningful token of appreciation corporations can offer.

Speaking of ING, I was pleased to see that according to a Real Simple article in the horribly named "life skills" category (as if I am a developmentally disabled adult who really can live independently with just a little support), I am actually doing something right by using online only banking.

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