Monday, July 30, 2007

Having a Hard Day? Go Fug Yourself.

The nice people at Go Fug Yourself injected a much-needed dose of hilarity into my day. I do so love reading about the fashion faux pas of celebrities--though they do once in a while give props as not to wade solely in the hater pool. No one is safe from these girls' scissoring critiques, even gals I normally think look pretty damn good like Scarlett Johansson.

Lots of credit to them for extremely creative use of the word fug, as in their proclaimed "benefugtress," Chloe Sevigny. Now, I love me some Chloe, because I think she is a great actor and takes fashion risks. Risks, yes, that's a nice way to say it, but many stops before Bjork rocked the swan.

Fashion Risk Taker

Batshit crazy


Anonymous said...

you need to put a link for the fug thing. it is very funny. it is so fucking hot here by the way i want to die. i go to the pool every night. beth

Professional Critic said...

Fug has totally become my favorite guilty pleasure. Will link without delay. I'm sorry it's hot by you. It's foggy and freezing here--doncha just miss that?