Monday, January 01, 2007


I wish I had something deeply profound to write about on this first day of 2007. But, it's the usual collection of mundane observations. Right now I'm slightly preoccupied with/awed by my sinus cavities. My eyes hurt and I have moments of exhaustion so crushing it's all I can do to remain conscious. You know when you blow your nose, and it's like, a regular nose blowing event. But then, as you continue to blow, you unwittingly tap into some inner reservoir nestled deep inside your head and this outrageoos volume of snot issues forth. When you're done you feel so light and airy. Amazing what these holes in the head, usually so handy for helping you hold your noggin up, can do when they use their powers for evil. If only we could use these vessels as storage areas for emergency water, as a camel uses their hump, then we wouldn't have to worry whether our earthquake kit water had gone bad, because we could blow a bunch of water out of our sinuses into a drinking glass and thus stave off death for a few days.

Back to the New Year.

2006 sucked in many ways so I am not too busted up to say goodbye to it, but there is of course danger in saying such a thing--what if 2006 was really just testing my mettle to see if I could hang with the hard stuff to come in '07? Whoo! I am such a pro at driving myself crazy! I really have no idea what is going to happen in 2007, but I am very curious. Curiosity keeps me going when all else fails--even in crap times, I really just can't wait to see what happens next. I suppose if I had a more Eastern bent to me, I might be more inclined to stay in the moment, "be here now," and all other irritating types of sayings. Then I might also be able to get the hang of that yogic alternate nostril breathing and then maybe I wouldn't have so many sinus problems.

I am sad for the family of Gerald Ford, but a day of mourning without any government services excessive. He died at 93 after living a long full life. Besides, I am waiting for season 2 of The Wire and theres been no mail for two days already--enough's enough! Have you seen The Wire yet? It's so good.

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