Monday, November 13, 2006

Something Sweet

Since I know some vegans, I feel obligated to mention this vegan ice cream website that Blogger featured. Yep, a whole blog about vegan ice cream by Agnes L. of Mountain View, CA.

The very first recipe I read calls for "flax eggs" which sounds unacceptably weird. But from my briefly vegan days I recall the struggle to find the perfect egg substitute that did not result in leaden product, so perhaps Agnes L. has found the solution in flax eggs. In general I think vegan ice cream--actually vegan most things-- are gross--even though I have high cholesterol I forego the ice cream totally because nothing compares to the smooth creamy lusciousness of dairy, mmm dairy. You can see why I had to stop being vegan. I love cheese too much. And also pork.

But Agnes L. is just so darn enthusiastic and represents everything I like about the Bay Area I have to applaud her. Even though after reading her blog I still have no desire to eat vegan ice cream and many of her recipes contain cups of margarine which just goes to show you can be a vegan and still eat crap. Enjoy.

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