Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ha ... pee

Uh-Guh, daughter of The Mama, is learning how to talk. The results are insanely adorable, particularly when she says "Elmo." The transition from the first to the second syllable is a little hard--she draws out the "llllmmm," her little mouth pursed like a baby fish.

A word she says very well is "happy." She pauses between the syllables, so it is more like ha...pee. Ha ... pee is exactly how I was feeling after reading about the mad scramble drug companies are making to strategize the "new political climate" in which Democrats attempt to negotiate lower drug prices for Medicare. Naturally, Republicans want to prevent this as everyone knows it is both fiscally prudent and morally correct to gouge our nations' elders attempting to obtain lifesaving medications.

In more important news, Pamela and Kid Rock are getting divorced after four months of marriage. Her web "diary" confirms the rumor and calls it "unfortunately impossible." What does that mean? I have no idea.

I'm sad for Pamela but I do like her website. She has some cool PETA info re disturbing animal tests the POM pomegranate juice people are conducting. Ick. Shamefully I have to admit that the most interesting part of her website was the gallery ofPlayboy covers. Pamela is virtually unrecognizable in the earlier photos. I'm not sure exactly what contributes to the transformation of a pretty blond girl to a cartoonish fuckdoll. The gravity defying softballs perched on her chest are part of it but it's not just that. Her face looks totally different. Is it just the makeup? Check it out, probably not at work though. Professional Critic does not want anyone to be canned for inappropriate use of the Internet.

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