Sunday, January 02, 2011

Music Monday on the First Sunday

What it is, reader. Thanks to the Mama, a clump of my brain cells is saturated with Willow Smith's godawful Whip My Hair. How do I exterminate this evil earworm? Huff spray paint? Hit the crack pipe? I'LL DO IT.

Thankfully, all I need to do is listen to Jimmy Fallon's genius Neil Young-style cover. This is a song I could have looping through my noggin, no problem:

In the past few months I've seen Nicki Minaj all over interwebs and print media. Over the holidays the Mama and I investigated this Trinidadian hip hop artist to see what all the fuss was about. We started with Your Love. By second 38 we had both heard enough of the whiny, Auto-Tuned ballad. We proceeded to Right Through Me, whose opening "movie" was laden with so much cringe-inducing dialogue and "acting" we almost didn't make it past second 12 to the start of the music, which sadly did nothing to improve our opinion of Ms. Minaj.

At this point we were both totally stumped why Nicki Minaj was famous as a hip hop artist as there was no hip hop in sight, just a pile of steaming cheese. But we gave her one last try with Massive Attack:

Yes, the video is utterly redonk, but I thought the song was pretty good and on this last point the Mama and I finally agreed: Nicki has a pretty impressive ass.

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