Monday, November 15, 2010

Music Monday: Too Old, Too White? Maybe Both.

Reader, I continue to be perplexed by the ongoing use of the phrases "say my name" and "what's my name" in hip hop and pop music. I get the sexual context, but what of it? Say my name because I'm not sure you remember it? Say my name cause I own you in this moment? Urban Dictionary entry for "say my name:"
a phrase that's usually said when you're having sex. boosts ego and stimulation and expressing that the sexual activity feels great. it can either be said by the passive, the active or both partners.
yes, baby yes! uhhhh! oh! say my name! say my name!


Rihanna has a new song, What's My Name, which might as well be called, "Saints Be Praised! I'm Getting Properly Laid!"

Really, Rihanna? That dopey looking whiny rapping Drake? This is the guy that knows how to work your body? He looks like he can scarcely breathe with his mouth closed, but ok. These things can be hard to understand from an outsider's perspective. I do like her hair quite a bit--she looks like an ass-kicking cartoon super hero. And that mesh hair bow is very Madonna Borderline, no?

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