Sunday, November 28, 2010

Music Monday on Sunday Making Up For Saturday

What it is, reader. As you may have noticed, I missed a day of posting yesterday, putting an end to my streak. Then I discovered that le kittehs had disconnected the wireless during a bout of feline frenzy. All is well now and I will make up for the missed post with a Music Monday on Sunday Making Up For Saturday!

Here's what I've been listening to:

Moby, Natural Blues. I just love this. It's very simple yet maddeningly catchy and soulful, comprised largely of this lyric line:

Oh lordy, trouble so hard
don't nobody know my troubles but God

(This isn't the actual video. I don't like it at all, so you're getting a wacky You Tube creation.)

I've been listening to Under a Blood Red Sky a lot, U2's live album from 1983. I have been listening to it since 1983, so ... 27 years? JESUS GOD. I AM FUCKING OLD.

One of my favorites is Party Girl. This is the best version of this song so I am very happy to have found it on teh interwebz:

Here's 40:

And from 1983's War, Seconds

Here my music journey took an interesting turn. I discovered that U2 had covered The Righteous Brother's Unchained Melody, which is a great song, but alas, U2's version was not at all good, so no video for you. Then I saw an Elvis version, which also wasn't good, sadly, so I let go of it. Then I encountered Suspicious Minds, which is a goody. Here's Elvis in his full-on white fringed jumpsuit and bloat, but still kicking ass and taking names:

We can't leave out the excellent cover by The Fine Young Cannibals!

Of course that's Jimmy Somerville's falsetto in the background. His band The Communards later covered disco megahit Don't Leave Me This Way:

Which was originally sung by Thelma Houston, aunt of Whitney and owner of a mad set of pipes:

And this was one of my mother's favorite songs. Enjoy, reader!


jeff w said...

Under A Blood Red Sky. Jeez, that takes me back. I won't listent to anything post Joshua Tree or Rattle and Hum. Everything U2 after that time sucks.

And we are old.

Professional Critic said...

I don't want to dismiss *everything* they've done recently, but most of it is kinda meh. Still, you've got to hand it to their staying power, no?

Anonymous said...

Hadn't seen that U2 War album cover since high school. That kid is probably middle-aged now.

Once I dated a college freshman (I was a grad student, so we were 10 years apart -- and no, she was not a minor). The only thing we had in common was REM, but she didn't know the early stuff. I knew right then and there that I had decayed into a pedophilic vampire.

Batwing said...

Oops, that was me, Winger.

Professional Critic said...

Pedophilic vampire?! I am dying of laughter. Good one, Winger.