Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Health Bits

Reader, can you appreciate my sense of outrage and betrayal when Netflix told me In Treatment DVDs were coming today but I came home to an EMPTY mailbox? I'm having a hard time recovering and am thus incapable of writing cogently. Here are some random bits and pieces floating about interwebs you may find interesting.

The FDA has just spanked General Mills for their Cheerios ads. Apparently by marketing their product as "clinically proven to lower cholesterol" they inadvertently caused it to be a drug, i.e. a product used to prevent disease. The FDA now kindly requests that General Mills knock it off or submit a new drug application. No kidding.

In other weird health news, a group of cancer patients is suing a biotech company and the Patent Office for granting an odd pair of patents. One patent is for the process of testing for two genes that indicate increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Okay, fine. But the other patents are for the genes themselves. I didn't think you could do this and apparently you usually can't but the company argued that it wasn't just the gene but the isolated, purified DNA, which was a product of their process. Thorny. Fraught. Discuss amongst yourselves.

On a health roll here, check out Rachel Maddow's commentary on Obama's decision to cut funding for abstinence only sex education programs and fund sex education programs that actually work. Yay for sanity!

And last, is there anything better for your health than seeing interspecies love? Hm, that sounded dirty and not at all what I was trying to convey. See?

Nestled in that pile of puppehs is an orphaned baby squirrel. Can you say squee?

I feel better.

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