Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cuteness Tuesday Meets Gross Out Friday

Reader, it isn't often that I can compare myself favorably to anyone in the area of cleanliness. Possibly never. This may be because I am basically surrounded by people with wicked OCD. As in, cannot relax if one vertical blind is slightly out of alignment. As in, never left a banana peel in the car until it mummified or a sandwich until it grew a fuzzy sweater. I know, right? Weird! Love you guys!

But when I saw this survey that the average woman washes her bras only six times a year, I was genuinely grossed out and felt clean-superior. A rather novel feeling, so I thought I would share that with you.

How in the world can one get away with so little washing? Does this not cause back-acne, the dreaded bacne? What about sweat and stinkiness? Reader, I'm distressed.

Luckily I can soothe myself by looking at this picture of a sea lion soothing himself:

Yes, it's unnatural. More cute animals with pacifiers, please.


Anonymous said...

ok, how often do you think women wash their tights....think back to when you wore them alot, when it was cold and you wore short skirts....i bet it's less than 6 times per year...and most don't wear underwear with them. that's gross. but i dont' think about it. lynchb

april m. said...

i wash my bra's (in my bathroom sink by hand no less) at LEAST once a month...and i have over ten my cleanliness is HIGH...just to reassure you that not everyone is high level gross!!

Professional Critic said...

Lynchb, Liz and I think there are so many things wrong with that sentence ... where to start? First of all, when I wore short skirts = never. When I wore tights and no underwear = never because ouchie there's a big seam right in the crotch area and when the tights droop that chafes the inner thigh. Plus, when the weather is really cold and your skin is dry and flaky then your tights would be full of dead skin flakes. Just yucky all around and you're right, I can't think about it.

I'm with you on the hand washing April, mostly because I have fewer bras than any other garment and need to wash them before I'm ready to do a real load of laundry.

Anonymous said...

Not short short skirts. ive seen you wear skirts at knee or above the knee length. when you wore nylons in the 80's to weddings, underwear or sans? the seam is the same!!! and i have never washed a bra by hand in my life. if it falls apart in the washing machine so be it. it's time for a new one. i have too much tv to watch. can't be bothered with handwashing.

Professional Critic said...

You're killing me! Now are you going to tell me that the bras also go in the dryer?

Underwear, even when it felt silly to do so. It's just too uncomfortable sans.