Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When the Mighty Fall

Reader, gah. I need a moment to collect myself.


You are so lovely and luminous; when you look good, no one looks better. But WTF are you wearing to the premier of your new movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?

Did your stylist actually instruct you to don a jeweled mini-bell over knee-length Spanx?

Reader, I struggle to comprehend. If you understand this outfit, please weigh in.


jdub said...

being neither a professional critic, nor an expert in women's fashion, I don't believe she is wearing Spanx. It is more like an underskirt. Wouldn't Spanx be more like thigh length tights rather than a skirt?

But with all that, I'd agree, it's not a look that works.

Professional Critic said...

Ah, jdub while it is true that most Spanx are tights you can in fact get slip-style Spanx here. Tho, IMO they are not very effective because they inch up and up until they circle your waist like a bunched up belt = not very helpful.