Sunday, November 02, 2008

NaBloPoMo: I Already Missed a Day

Reader, it's National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo, where bloggers everywhere accept the challenge of posting everyday in November. As you can see, I missed the first day because my head was up my ass. But, all is not lost! Just as eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast does not mean I need to forsake vegetables for the rest of the day, I will move forward despite this less than stellar beginning. And try not to dwell on the fact that November is a really long month and by the end of last year's NaBlo I never wanted to blog again.

So! It's daylight savings and I took advantage of the extra hour to do some laundry and am feeling very virtuous indeed. Gus is driving me up a tree with his incessant howling, door chewing, and carpet scratching. My threats to put him out do no good as Gus would like nothing more than to get out. Owing to his pencil eraser sized brain he of course does not realize that I am saving him from certain death. Little fucker.

John McCain was on SNL last night in a kinda funny satire of Obama's 30 minute closing speech, with beloved Tina reprising her Sarah role. This was a lot funnier to me than it would have been if I had never seen QVC. This will make sense in a second:

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