Friday, November 07, 2008

NaBloPoMo, Day 7: The Bradley Effect

Reader, remember all that speculation about the hordes of people who were telling pollsters they planned to vote for Obama but really weren't going to? And how we therefore couldn't trust the polling numbers and we all fretted hardcore about not winning this election? Well, it turned out to be a bunch of hooey. There was no Bradley effect at all. Glad we can lay that to rest.

The passing of Prop 8 however, really put a damper on the excitement. There are lots of great responses out there, here's one from Melissa Etheridge, words from Rebecca Woolf, and you can also read about the path back to the state Supreme Court.

And for some levity, check out the most recent Target: Women skewering The View. TGIF!


TPP said...

Hey Critic, Check out these What Bradley Effect? Tee-shirts?

Professional Critic said...

These are excellent! Thanks TPP!