Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NaBloPoMo, Day 4: Election Day!

You voted already, right? You didn't? What in the sam hell are you doing sitting in front of a computer, reader? Go vote!

Moving on. The Tudors. As a piece of historical drama, it's a tad sexed up, verging on the ridiculous at times as Henry ravages one wench after the next. Halfway into the first episode I was over Henry VIII as played by the pillow lipped Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. He's much too pout pout I'm zo zexy. Like Angelina Jolie, when Rhys-Meyers tries to be sexy he just looks like a caricature of himself as he screws everything in a skirt, except his long-suffering, soon to be jettisoned wife for the coy but soon to lose her head Anne Boleyn.

I'm a much bigger fan of his friend, Charles Brandon played by the delicious Henry Cavill, tasked with escorting Henry's sister Margaret to marry the decrepit old King of Portugal. On the way they have a hot little frolic on the ship. Later, they conspire to kill the old goat then marry before returning to England. Henry is none too pleased and banishes them from court. While they wait for him to cool down they hurl tankards of wine at each before going at it on the dining room table. Good stuff.

The rest of it, meh. Not sure if I'll make it past the first season. When oh when will the dreaded "very long wait" label disappear from Mad Men in my Netflix queue?

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