Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NaBloPoMo, Day 26: Almost There

Reader, last night I chomped through a few more episodes of Mad Men. Episode 11: Indian Summer was all about vibration.

The ever-expanding Peggy who provided the Men with some copy for Belle Jolie lipsticks in episode 6, has been tasked with doing the same for a weight loss system called the "Electrosizer." The Men are at a loss with the contraption because their guinea pig wives rave about the thing but haven't lost a pound. As soon as the Men crack the carrying case open, it's obvious to the viewers (but not the Men) the Electrosizer is a vibrator. Classic.

Later in the episode, simpy Betty is crawling the walls with isolated suburban boredom and horniness because Don is just too tired from fucking his various mistresses to pay her any attention. Instead he's pawning her off on a psychoanalyst in an effort to make her happier. You'll be surprised to hear it isn't working. Later, Betty has a close encounter with an unbalanced washing machine and comes away from it positively invigorated.

Here's a modern-day ad for the Hitachi Magic Wand. Great news! It stimulates your circulation!

Oh, brother. Happy day before Thanksgiving, reader.

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