Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not Really Cuteness Tuesday

The gals at Jezebel found a great open letter to Stayfree with some suggestions of what women really want in feminine hygiene products. Kinda makes sense to me, but not sure about the chicken teriyaki.

I love this story about Luis Soriano, a Colombian schoolteacher traveling across remote villages in his country on weekends with a bookmobile. The twist? His vehicle is a donkey, hence the biblioburro, bringing books to folks that ordinarily don't have access, and reading to groups of children. He's the subject of a new documentary by a Colombian filmmaker, Carlos Rendón Zipaguata, which I am totally looking forward to seeing.

Barack is leaving the campaign trail to visit his ailing granny. It must be serious for him to suspend his campaigning so close to the election.

You know, I scoured all my favorite sites and have to conclude: ain't shit happening right now. Here's a slightly disturbing picture of a vampire bat feeding on a donkey.

Not sure this qualifies for Cuteness Tuesday. Sorry, reader. Check back tomorrow.

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