Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Music Monday

I had such a good time creating the last Music Monday I thought I would do it again! Fine, it's not Monday, but "Music Wednesday" doesn't have nearly the same ring, and I just can't want to wait a whole 'nother week to share these tunes with you.

Godley and Creme, Cry. This video was pretty avant garde when it came out in 1985 and it holds up better than most videos of that era. Also, this song is awesome.

Don't Leave Me This Way. Back in the 80s, when I was so in love with how alternative I was, I became super enamored of queer band The Communards (Jimmy Sommerville's band after Bronski Beat). They did a cover of the Thelma Houston song which turned out to be a favorite song of my mom's, prompting her to bust out her vinyl. Judy rocked the disco. Since my dad was a disdainful classical music lover, this must be where I get my deep love of disco and I'm not ashamed. Disco fucking rulez! Here's Thelma's version

And The Communards

After watching both my present-day reassessment is that Thelma kicks their pansy asses, even with her dorky yellow outfit. Like a less cheesy Whitney, minus the crack pipe, beard husband and shitty reality show. Don't give up on The 'Nards though--things get pretty funky about 2:17.

Whatever happened to Paul Young? He's an 80s entertainer along with Terrence Trent D'arby that I kind of miss. Even if you were in a persistent vegetative state during this time you still probably know all the words to "Everytime You Go Away," a really good song done wrong. But what about "I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down?" With its irresistibly funky bass, super cool back-up singers and Paul's onstage antics, you can't deny the power. And the mullets, oh god, the mullets. Yes, I had one.

Today I learned that this song is a cover. I am once again stunned by the power of the interwebs to expand my puny horizons. Here's the mellow original by Ann Peebles. And! She also sang "Can't Stand the Rain" which has been covered by everybody and their uncle, most notably Tina Turner.

This episode of Music Monday is turning out to be about covers. I did not plan that but I embrace it. Reader, my head is about to pop off because I just learned that one of the most awesome duets, Islands in the Stream, is actually a Bee Gees song!

I guess they're easy to mock, with their fluffy hair and unbuttoned shirts framing luxuriant chest hair, gold chains nestled within. But who, tell me WHO can rock the falsetto like these guys? And their lyrics? Sob. Yes, I love me some Bee Gees and always have. I know this isn't a cover but make the leap with me because it's so good.

Sorry about that, couldn't help myself. Here's their song Emotion which was later covered by Destiny's Child.

Destiny' Child version is here. Meh. I'm just sayin'.

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