Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Lite

TGIF devoted reader! Are you also totally clueless about what is going on between Russia and Georgia and sort of embarrassed to admit it? Your ignorance and shame end today! Wonderful Bossy has prepared a guide to the Russian-Georgian conflict that we're all capable of understanding. Mostly. Thanks, Bossy!!

As you may know reader, I have abandoned my low-cholesterol diet, faced with mounting evidence that this diet may not actually prevent me from having negative health outcomes. I've become more relaxed with my diet, so successfully that I can no longer button my pants. Measures needed to be taken.

My past experience with pants-busting told me that portion control and exercise would be more effective than sitting on my couch and eating continuously from the time I got home from work until bed. But reader, it's so tedious already and it's only been four days. Sigh.

I found a little treat that I want to share with you: Smooze! Smooze are 'take home and freeze' dairy free tropical flavored ices with a coconut milk base. They are yummy and satisfying, with a short and recognizable ingredients list and buckets of vitamin C to boot. I got my guava Smooze at Whole Foods, on sale for $3.99 for a box of ten. See if you can find them near you.

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