Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh mah gah. Medical mystery.

A few days before I went away I was giving myself a cheap-ass home pedi and watching Dr. Phil. The theme of the show was embarrassing medical issues you don't want to ask your doctor about. A woman came on who said her uterus had fallen out of her body, which caused the audience and the audience at home to gasp. One of the doctors on the panel said this condition was very common, prolapsed uterus. Nevertheless it was disturbing in the way that body parts ending up where they don't belong is disturbing. A hernia, also very common, is disturbing. Really, any organ poking its nose where it doesn't belong just isn't right. But a prolapsed uterus I understand anatomically speaking. All the reproductive lady parts are connected, so although wrong and bad, I comprehend how the uterus can end up saying hola through your hooha. But I do not understand fallen bladder, or cystocele in which the bladder protrudes through the vagina. I have looked at pictures of this condition and still don't get how this happens. Reader, can you weigh in here, or even better send me the plastic three-dimensional lady bottom used in science classes to illustrate? Thanks.

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