Thursday, May 08, 2008

Miley Whatever

A little behind the curve but I just got my Vanity Fair and here's what everyone forgot to mention: it's a hideous picture. Miley doesn't resemble a femme fatale as much as the Vampire Lestat. She looks like she's had the blood drained from her, then dabbed across her lips. Awful. And the pictures of her with her achy breaky dad are even worse, downright creepy. It's way grosser to have a 15 year old laying in her dad's crotch than for her to pose alone with a sheet draped around her. And she's what ... 15? Brooke Shields was 14 when she told us nothing came between and her Calvins.

Brooke owns it and she's totally hot. None of this wussy ass 'I'm so sorry I let my fans down' bullshit. Take notes, Miley.

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