Wednesday, April 30, 2008

When One Door Closes

Grrr, Netflix. The first season of The Riches has been sitting in my q with a "long wait" FOREVER. But! They did recommend Shameless, a British series which is hilariously dark, or darkly hilarious if you like. The lovely James McAvoy stars. Two thumbs way up.

Harder to feel good about are rumors that nutter Tom Cruise is sending wife-bot Katie to Scientology 'boot camp,' complete with 24-hour surveillance. Still ... she wasn't living under a rock and she seems like a smart girl. Surely she had some idea of the crazy she was signing up for?

Mariah Carey has gotten engaged to some guy named Nick Cannon and is wearing a ring that his ex-fiancee wore. How do we feel about that? I'm thinking maybe hock the ring and buy a new one, no?

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