Monday, March 17, 2008

Interesting timing indeed

Is it just a coincidence that last week my cats were both suffering from diarrhea and now I am? Normally I would have said yes, that is truly an unfortunate coincidence, as cats do not pass diseases onto people but then I read this article about a woman's cat that infected her with MRSA, only one of the most terrifying illnesses out there, and now I am not sure if they're as innocent as they look.

Innocence propaganda picture

Gussie keeps his nails perfectly manicured.
The better to scratch the shit out of me and my furniture

They're both fine, and now I'm eating the diet I prepared for them: boiled chicken, white rice, and unsalted chicken broth. Delish. I don't really feel too much like eating anyway, so worried am I that I'll anger the unpredictably testy bowel gods.

One thing I have been able to do, in addition to laying quietly on the couch and thinking intestinally calming thoughts, is read trashy celeb mags. Today I caught up on OK! and Us Weekly. Nothing earth shattering happening in either, I'm sorry to report, so I was forced to watch daytime TV and read Perez instead so I could have something to tell you, which is:

The Mills-McCartney divorce is finally over--Heather Mills is to receive $50 million, which apparently she may contest. I would've done the same thing, truly. And Halle Berry finally had her baby girl after being pregnant for like three years.

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