Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Early Failure

Daily posting for the month of March is clearly not
going to happen. Damn. I had such good intentions, I
tell you. I blame it all on my uptight neighbor who
closed his open network. See, I told you I would
complain about it!

In other news, I read today that Patrick Swayze was
just diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Sorry
for no link--I'm posting this by email and am not sure
how to do html. But it's all over the news, or should
I say "news that I read," since I do recognize that
some people don't turn first to Perez Hilton to find
out what's been going on in the world.

But back to Patrick. If this is true, I'm actually
sad about it, and a little surprised to discover I
have a little tender spot for Patrick. There has been
many a viewing of Dirty Dancing in my life, and though
at this moment I cannot think of one other movie he
has been in, though I'm sure there were lots, it sure
did imprint on my brain. Not perhaps to the degree
that Ferris Bueller's Day Off or Wayne's World did,
but pretty close.

This is very sad news for Patrick and his family, and
the gajillions of ladies like me whose early cinematic
thrills involved him, pre-rhinoplasty Jennifer Grey,
and some smooth moves in the Catskills.

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