Saturday, February 02, 2008

Matt Damon?

Since it's the weekend I might as well go ahead and show you something that is definitely not safe for work. I like Sarah Silverman okay and Matt Damon so-so but liked them both so much more after watching this. I always thought Matt Damon was bland and uninteresting but maybe I've been getting him confused with Ben Affleck.

Since I'm always looking for smart conservation ideas that require no work from my end, I really like the idea of recycling sewage into drinking water. It is a little gross to consider your glass of water once floated Mr. Hanky, but when I read what kinds of scary junk is in non-recycled tap water, I had to reconsider.

Josie got her stitches out today, so she is now funnel-free. I've never seen a cat delight so in licking herself. Now that she can actually play without getting her cone snagged on things, she and Gus are tearing around the apartment in such a lunatic fashion I long for a helmet and protective eye gear.

Part of my grief program involves drinking wine every evening. While I was at home I really enjoyed a Malbec that my sister had bought, it was so yummy without any of that moisture-sucking quality of a cabernet. I bought a bottle at Trader Joe's from Argentina, for $2.99. A suspiciously low cost for a bottle of wine, right? But it was good. I know nothing about Malbec, so I looked it up and saw this crazy graph which prompted immediate eye-rolling about the nutty oenophiles.

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i saw it and loved funny