Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Foggy Park Hats

Can I take a moment to toot the horn of The Mama? She recently launched Foggy Park, a cool line of stripy hand-knit hats for babies and kids. Since I've seen them I can tell you that they're incredibly soft, come in a great selection of modern colors, and thanks to their stretchy ribbed brim stay on your kid's head, not on the sidewalk 100 yards back.

I love this one

Then again I also love this one

You know what makes these hats even greater? They're hand-knit right here in the Bay Area. That's right, you can buy with confidence--no outsourcing or secret sweatshop child labor (at least not yet, heh heh) will come back to haunt you. All twelve Foggy Park designs are fantastic, so check 'em out.

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batwinger said...

Hey, I was customer #1: I bought the first hat. It was super-cute (I gave it away as a shower gift).

So now, PC, you must toot the horn of The Deacon and his new movie.