Monday, September 10, 2007

More Serious Topics

Which I will not be posting about tonight include: the rapidly disappearing polar bear, death by popcorn, the gigantic closet that is the Republican Party, and SF Mayor Gavin Newsom asking all city department heads to resign.

Instead, Britney. Though I had doubts that she could pull it together for last night's VMAs, I was pulling for her to up and surprise us all. Sadly, she did not. Stiff, awkward, she hardly moved and her lip synching was off--as if she never writhed onstage with a python like a pro. Since having two kids her body is not what it was, but her stylist--if she has one, which is increasingly in doubt--put her in a bikini anyway. Gah. Check out her performance here, and if you feel so moved, Sarah Silverman who came on right after her, who had some choice naughty comments.

Sluggish, distracted and chunky, Britney disappoints. You can't really tell from this picture, but it's a bad weave. I sure do wish Brit had let her freak flag fly and just walked around with her mangled hair instead of sporting all those crazy wigs like a mentally unbalanced Orthodox Jew.


Anonymous said...

oh melg-
i don't know about you but i feel sorry for the poor girl. what is wrong with her? i think she's had her first break and is mentally ill. and who are her "people"? why isn't anyone doing anything? why did they let her do that? what happened with her and her mom? so who do you feel more sorry for..her or lindsay?

Professional Critic said...

I feel a little bit sorry but just a little. Definitely sorrier for Brit--Lindsay fell but not this hard. What variety of mental illness do you think she has?

Anonymous said...

i don't know what she has. but what happened to her? she was kind of quiet, married and all with the babies, gets a divorce and all hell breaks loose. she attacks people with umbrellas, shaves her head while cameras are filming her, has that breakdown at the magazine shoot, the cootch shots, and now the vma's (right? mtv or vh1...?) it's all too much to not wonder that something snapped. hey i was never a big fan, never thought her to be terribly bright, but to be able to pull off what she has done so far I would have thought she would be a bit of a perfectionist, not someone who would go on stage not able to do perform...bipolar?????? plus self medicating......that's my dx, can't wait to discuss all this impt stuff in person.