Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We Don't Comment on Our Client's Personal Lives

Today has been a red letter day for engaged couples everywhere! If you've been feeling leery of the dryness of a judge officiated City Hall wedding (not to be confused with a fabulous mass gay wedding at City Hall, Gavin Newsom style) yet equally repelled by a traditional religious ceremony where some guy in a dress (who is NOT cross dressing thank you very much) tells you to obey and all that crap, you may be pleased to hear that Tori Spelling has been ordained as a minister so she could marry two men at the B&B she runs with her husband. No doubt it's great publicity for the reality show about their B&B life, but she could have come up with something less controversial, so I have to assume that she's heartfelt.

After being divorced for seven long months, Charlie Sheen is finally engaged to some woman I've never heard of, Brooke something. Denise wishes them both all the best. Professional Critic is sure this marriage will be the keeper.

Still no sign of a wedding photo for Eva and Tony. They sold rights to OK mag for a zillions dollars, forcing guests to abandon their cameras and cell phones before entering the reception. If they don't donate proceeds to charity after pulling that shit with people who flew across the globe to see them get married, then they are the biggest losers imaginable.

After being made into a live musical, Footloose is now being remade for the big screen so a new generation of kids can rebel against the fun-hating Rev and jerk spasmodically in the barn. Yikes, that sounded creepy.

Finally, Posh Spice informs us that she's the opposite of a miserable cow. I have no idea what that means.

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