Sunday, June 24, 2007

Professional Critic to Go Why Fie

I have a little actor crush on Ian McShane, who plays Al Swearengen on Deadwood. Sort of like James Gandolfini, McShane makes a brutal and self-interested character so damn likeable that you're willing to forgive just about anything, even when he refers to the female characters on the show as "loopy cunts." If you've seen the show, then you know this is fairly typical language--every other word out of just about every character's mouth is some variation of 'fuck,' but after the first episode it seems perfectly normal. If you haven't seen Deadwood yet, what are you waiting for? Go rent it already.

Today I saw a preview for a new show on Fox called New Amsterdam about a New York cop who is immortal. Interesting--a few weeks back I read a great book called Forever by Pete Hamill about a New York journalist who is .. immortal. Hmmm. Some threads on IMDB raise this coincidence. Someone posted that Pete Hamill "licensed" the idea to the show. A sweeping epic of a read, especially if you're interested in the history of New York, although a touch heavy on the witchy Celtic wisdom and wonderment. (The connection will make sense whe you read it.) I'm sure the show will be terrible but I'll give it a whirl in honor of Pete.

I'm pleased to report that I just purchased a laptop. Now I can join the legions of people tap tap tapping on their keyboards while you're trying to read your paper in peace at the cafe. I apologize in advance to those I'm certain to annoy. Buying the computer was easy enough. With a Mac the choices are limited: wow that's expensive, who pays this much for a computer and I'd rather buy a new car. But the accessories! It took me forever to pick out a case and I completely bagged the wireless router thingie for now, hoping I can ride on the coattails of a neighbor's network. There's got to be some benefits of living in urban density.


Anonymous said...

I hope you haven't bagged old Kelly Girl...she's been so good to you.

Professional Critic said...

Heck no! Kelly Girl lives on--I'm too attached to let go of her. But I am typing this from the spanking new just out of the box tonight MacBook, on some neighbor's wireless connection.